What’s the Best Mascara for Me?

Have you ever asked yourself “which mascara should I use or what’s the best mascara for me”? Well, the truth is it all depends on the look you are going for. So if you are looking for a soft natural look a mascara that only defines will do but if you are feeling bold and want your lashes to really stand out than a mascara with volumizing power will do the trick. Find Your Flutter. Also, as summer rolls around a good idea is to wear a waterproof mascara as well as waterproof eyeliner. This will keep your eyes looking fresh all day even after a dip in the pool or a very hot humid day. 

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What's the Best Mascara for MeA defining mascara will make your lashes look “wet” and keep your lashes the same shape and length. These mascaras are great to wear on a work day, casual days or even a day at the beach (waterproof recommended). It gives your eyes a very subtle and natural look.

Tip: If you want a natural soft look a brown mascara is perfect for redheads and blonds. Brown black is excellent for brunettes. Black can be used by anyone it’s just not as subtle. But would be recommended if you are using dark eyeshadows or for a night out. 

Are You Still Asking “What’s the best mascara for me”?

What's the Best Mascara for MeThe real question is, how do I feel today, do I feel mysterious, sexy, or seductive? If you do then a mascara that gives you VAVOOM is for you today. Volumizing mascara thickens and lengthens your eyelashes. Used with an eyelash curler and you will be irresistible.

What's the Best Mascara for MeNow, if are feeling flirty and you want to bat your eyes at that cute guy down the hall, captivate him by showing off those pretty lashes with a lengthening mascara. Lengthening mascara gives just the right amount of thickness and extends your lashes. You will look enticing.

What's the Best Mascara for MeTip: If you want super long lashes apply a few strokes of lengthening mascara to one eye and do the same to the other but once done with the second eye go back to the first and apply a few more strokes of mascara but only to the tips of the lashes. Then go back to the second and do the same to the tips. Keep going back and forth until you get the desired length but don’t overdo it cause it might start to get clumpy and that’s not attractive. 

Still Asking “What’s the best mascara for me”?

That’s ok I got you covered. Click on the link to find your flutter this chart has eleven different formulated mascaras each one does its own unique job. I’m sure you will find the perfect ones for you. It’s always a good idea to have different formulated mascaras and in different colors on hand so you can use the one that best matches your mood that day.

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