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Best Summer Beauty Tips

Best Summer Beauty Tips

Must Haves In Your Summer Beauty Bag

Best Summer Beauty TipsSummer is here and it’s time to refresh your makeupbag and get ready with some of the best summer beauty tips that will help you get through the summer looking gorgeous. Many people don’t know this but your makeup and skincare should change during the summer. When the temperature starts to rise we switch our winter sweaters for lovely colorful sundresses. You wouldn’t wear a cashmere sweater in the heat. The same goes for your makeup, it’s really not comfortable to be wearing heavy makeup when you’re sweating, right? A full face of heavy foundation and dark colors looks out of place for those hot and humid days. Summer makeup should be light and all about a healthy and radiant look with a touch of bright colors.

As we expose our skin more to the sun our moisturizer should also change. So let’s get our summer beauty bag ready and show off a fresh face makeup look with a twist of tropical this summer with the best summer beauty tips. Here’s how to lighten up your makeup and get your healthy glow on and the top three important items you should have in your beauty bag for the summer. 

Best Summer Beauty Tips – 

Protect your skin with a day & evening moisturizer

Best Summer Beauty TipsFirst things first, protect your skin from the harsh sun rays.

Best summer beauty tips #1 and one of the top three items you should have in your beauty bag- You must do this all year long but summer calls for higher SPF. Protecting your skin will prevent early signs of ageing and dark spots as well as keeping your skin looking healthy and supple. Furthermore, a night moisturizer is advisable as an addition to your daily skincare regimen. I would recommend using an evening moisturizer that helps repair your skin from any sun damage that you might not see yet. Doing so will keep your skin looking healthy and young. I recommend the following:

Day Moisturizers:

Anew Skinvincible Day Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50 (perfect to wear for a long day in the sun, I wear this one on a daily, AZ sun is brutal.)

Avon nutraeffects Radiance Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20 (great for daily use and not so much sun exposure)

Evening (before going to bed):

Anew Skinvincible Deep Recovery Cream (excellent night cream it’s designed to counter the effects of ageing by fixing damage accumulated throughout the years from the environment.)

Get the proper foundation

Some liquid and powder foundations are heavy, which means during the summer they can end up looking cakey and slide right off the skin.

Best summer beauty tips #2 the second top item you can’t be without in the hot summers- You want your skin to be able to breathe and release heat during the summer, therefore, stay away from heavy foundations a light and breathable formula is favorable. I love Avon True Color Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation it does a great job on coving any flaws but yet feels and looks lightweight and has SPF 20. With the heat waves, humidity and the sweating a primer is a must, primers will keep your makeup from fading and in place all day. The colorless primer MagiX Face Perfector is ideal. With it’s lightweight colorless gel to powder formula it gives an invisible coverage for a naturally flawless finish. It keeps skin looking naturally matte, blurs out fine lines and pores and is perfect for all-day wear it fights the look of oily shine and has SPF 20 which is a plus. 

Take your summer fresh face look to the next level

Give your skin a glow that looks like it comes from within by adding highlight.Best Summer Beauty Tips

Best summer beauty tips #3- avoid large flecks of glitter instead use a soft shimmer to give you a luminous glow. Avon True Color Illuminating Stick and Avon True Color Dazzle Drops are perfect for the job. They deliver an all-over sheen—or a targeted glow—with an ultra-fine pearl finish. For a natural look highlight the high points of your face: the tops of the cheeks, bridge of the nose, under the brows, and just above your cupid’s bow. This will really bring a beautiful natural glow to your skin. 

Give your cheeks a little pinch

Best Summer Beauty TipsAdd a touch of color to your fresh summer look with rosy cheeks.

Best summer beauty tips #4- We want to keep the look glowing and nicely blended together. Creamy blushes are ideal for summer, they easily glide on and blend into the skin effortlessly leaving a youthful and fresh look. For the summer stick to pink, coral and peach blushes they give your cheeks a sun kiss look. My favorite is Avon True Color Be Blushed Cheek Color. Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks to make it look natural.

Water-proof your summer

You are a summer beauty, not a cute racoon.Best Summer Beauty Tips

Best summer beauty tips #5 and the third top item to have in your beauty bag- Stay looking beautiful during the outdoor fun and sweaty days. Prevent your mascara from running and your eyeliner from fading, smearing or smudging, so waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner are a must to have in your summer beauty bag. Line your eyes with a pop of summer colors; of ocean hues such as shimmery aqua, sea green and alluring azures or summer sunset inspired colors of plums, pinks and blues.

Best Summer Beauty TipsBe bold and playful with color

Kiss the winter goodbye and say hello to a colorful summer.

Best summer beauty tips #6- Stay away from dark wine colors and deep browns instead smack on bold and playful shades of hot pinks, bright reds and corals. In the summer your lips need to vent as well so don’t suffocate your lips with lipsticks that have heavy waxes. Instead, use a more suitable alternative such as a weightless and hydrating lipstick or a lip gloss. My favorite in lipstick for the summer is Avon True Color Ultra Hydrating Lip Color this lipstick glides on super smooth it’s weightless and keeps my lips hydrated all day. Not to mention the beautiful summer shades it comes in. Another of my favorits is Avon True Color Lip Glow Lip Gloss, it’s a gloss but it has highly saturated shades, long lasting shine and a creamy feel yet doesn’t feel heavy. 

Don’t forget your summer fragrance

Keeping cool for the summer

Best summer beauty tips #7- It’s always a good idea to carry with you a summery spritz, it will keep you cool and smelling divine all day. For the summer it’s best to wear pleasing scents of soft fresh notes such as floral, fruity or citrusy. Stay away from heavy musk and vanilla scents they can be overwhelming with the heat. To enhance your fragrance and for an all-day lasting scent apply a lotion of the same scent or one that will complement your body spray. Avon Senses Body Lotions & Avon Senses Body Spray work excellent together and have lovely summery scents. 

Freshen up your face

You want to glow not shine

Best summer beauty tips #8- Last but not least complete your summer beauty bag with blotting paper. These sheets are designed to absorb oil while keeping your makeup in place. The key is to not wipe, what I do is lay the sheet right on top of the oily area and run my hand gently across the sheet. It keeps my makeup right in its place and effectively removes the oils. Blotting is also another way, either way, works.

Ok, I’m going, to be honest, I don’t buy the little square blotting paper that comes in a pack of a hundred. I buy good quality white tissue paper for gift wrapping. Yes, I cut it and make hundreds and hundreds of small blotting sheets for seven to eight bucks. It does the same job as blotting paper. I just cut 3″ x 4″ rectangles and put them in a ziplock bag and voila! I have blotting paper for months. This works for me but you can absolutely get a pack of blotting paper from the store. 

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