How To Make The Best DIY Eye Makeup Remover

Best DIY Eye Makeup RemoverIf you are into DIY’s than here is the best diy eye makeup remover that you can make yourself with only two ingredients. The remover is very good at wiping off waterproof mascara and strengthens your eyelashes, the only downfall is it leaves oil behind,  I would recommend to use it before you go to bed, by morning the oil has been completely absorbed and the skin around your eyes will feel very soft and moist. Any other time of the day I would suggest you wipe off the oil with a wet face pad and then moisturize the skin around your eyes. If this stuff falls in your eyes it might sting a little but not much to worry about.

Best DIY Eye Makeup Remover

What you will need to make the Best DIY Eye Makeup Remover:

  • Extra virgin olive oil (for cooking)
  • Witch Hazel
  • One 3 oz plastic bottle (like the ones you use for your shampoo and conditioner to travel)

Best DIY Eye Makeup Remover

What you need to do to make the Best DIY Eye Makeup Remover:


  1. Fill the plastic bottle halfway with olive oil
  2. Fill the other half with the Witch Hazel

There it’s done!

When you are ready to use it just shake it and squeeze a few drops on a face pad and wipe off the eye makeup. When you get to the top lashes gently wipe down then open your eyes and wipe up on the top lashes. Wipe the entire eye area. Do not rinse off. If you need to apply makeup on your eyes I suggest you remove the oil with a clean wet face pad and then moisturize the eye area with an eye cream. I hope you enjoy your DIY eye makeup remover.