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How to Make an All all Natural Makeup Remover

All Natural Makeup Remover

How to Make An All Natural Makeup Remover

A few years ago I was looking for an all natural makeup remover that would help with my oily skin and acne. I came across a few but they were pretty expensive. I started a new quest in search of an all natural makeup remover that wouldn’t cost so much. I learned that the best way to not spend so much money was to make my own all natural makeup remover. After doing some research I learned about essential oils and came up with the perfect DIY makeup remover recipe that works great! 

I have oily skin and my acne has been under control for over a year now but that’s another story I found out the cause of my acne was bacteria. I wasn’t washing my face on a daily so bacteria found a cozy home on my skin. I know there are days when we have had a hard and exhausting day and don’t want to waste any time to go straight to bed. I’m guilty of this. I wash my face daily but when I have had one of those days I just wipe my face with this all natural makeup remover and off to bed I go. It has anti-bacterial properties and an alcohol free astringent which leaves my skin clean and feeling fresh. 

How to Make an All all Natural Makeup RemoverThis DIY makeup remover recipe is very simple and is perfect for campers, travellers or after exercising and for the exhausted person who wants to go straight to bed. 😉 I don’t recommend using this all natural makeup remover for a long time. You want to wash your face with a face cleanser as much as possible, so you can deep clean those pores. This homemade natural makeup remover is not expensive and very easy to make. Did I mention this makeup remover has a delightful scent? It’s perfect to use right before bed the scent relaxes you. You can also use it on your body.

What skin types can use this all natural makeup remover:

Because of it’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this wonderful makeup remover can also be used on cuts and scrapes . It’s a great idea to make an extra one to put in a first aid kit.

How to Make This All Natural Makeup Remover

Diy makeup remover recipe-

You will need:

Fill the plastic travel bottle with the witch hazel leaving about a quarter inch from the top, add eight drops of each essential oil. Now shake and there you go. You have made your own all natural makeup remover.

How to use it:

Shake bottle with the homemade makeup remover and squeeze enough remover to wet the whole reusable pad, don’t over soak the pad. Wipe your face or body with the wet pad. Do not use it to remove eye makeup, click here for a DIY Eye Makeup Remover. Don’t forget to moisturize your face and eye area

To use on scrapes or minor cuts just squeeze this magical stuff onto a cotton ball and gently dab it onto the injury. It helps prevent infection. 

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