The 10 Step Korean Beauty Routine

The 10-step Korean beauty routine is not just a routine it’s a lifestyle which I found fascinating. The ingredients used in Korean skincare products are very simple yet powerful. Such as green tea, mushrooms, rice, algae, snail mucin and many other natural ingredients are used. In today’s society, a large percentage of people want beautiful skin so they turn to a “quick fix” which are foundations, powders and concealers. The truth is, you can have flawless skin but it takes patience and discipline. When I say disciplined I mean you have to care for your skin twice on a daily. Believe me, it pays off in the long run. 

 After doing my research, I came across a few well-rated top Korean facial products that complete the 10 step Korean beauty routine. I also place them in order in which they should be used. The best thing about these products that complement the 10 step Korean beauty routine is they are from Korea but can be purchased here in the US without having to wait weeks to receive your very anticipated Korean beauty product. Click here to take a look at them. Keep in mind these products are natural products and you won’t see results overnight. Like I mentioned above it’s a lifestyle, not a quick fix. 

10 Step Korean Beauty RoutineYou might be thinking “10 steps, two times a day”! But that’s not the case. The 10 step Korean beauty routine does have ten steps but they are are not done daily. Below I have numbered the steps 1-10 in the order they should be done. Note: the ones in bold letters are not done daily. I also supplied the link to each product. For the serum click here for the two most popular.

  1. Oil cleanser – Done every day but only before you go to bed.
  2. Water-based cleanser – Done every day before you go to bed and when you get out of bed. After step 1
  3. Exfoliator Done three times a week before you go to bed and after doing 1 & 2 followed by 4-6, 8 & 9.
  4. Toner – Done every day before you go to bed and when you get out of bed, after 1-3.
  5. Essence – Done every day before you go to bed and when you get out of bed after 1-4.
  6. Serum – Done every day but only before you go to bed and after 1-5.
  7. Sheet Mask – Done two times a week before you go to bed but NOT on the same days you used the exfoliator. Use after 1,2 and 4 followed by 5-9.
  8. Eye Cream – Use every day before you got to bed and when you get out of bed. It would be used after all the steps above. 
  9. Moisturizer – Same as the eye cream.
  10. Sunscreen – Used every day when you get out of bed (if it’s in the daytime). 

Tip: Make a weekly schedule so you won’t overdo exfoliation, it can dry out or irritate your skin if done too often. If you feel your skin gets irritated after doing it two or three times a week reduces exfoliation to one time a week. 

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